• flip the script

    A grassroots storytelling community where everyday people share raw, unfiltered and inspiring stories. We flip the narrative on our adversities and traumas, into a story that inspires and helps others transform their lives. Proceeds from events support our storytelling program 'From The Streets To The Stage" for male prisoners and ex-cons.

  • About

    What Makes Us Unique


    We believe that stories have the power to heal.

    We are a tribe of mostly non-professional speakers.

    We give back to the community by supporting the underdogs of society.

    We believe that when we reveal light in our pain, we help elevate mass consciousness.

    We recognize that our adversities are gifts sent by the Light for us to grow, learn, and transcend.

    Our storytelling program is not just about delivering speaking tools to participants but is a platform for healing.


    >> This is for those who struggle sharing their message but have a powerful story to tell.

    >> This is for those who feel they don't matter.

    >> This is for those who aren't natural extroverts or stage-ready YET know they have a story that can help transform the world.

    >> Intimate and interactive- come as you are. There's no one to impress.

    This is not storytelling space for people who are bitter, resentful or are playing victim. We each have the ability to tell a story that empowers us and those around us. No matter how rock bottom we've been or how dark the situations we've experienced, there's a gift in all of it. Our deep traumas and adversities are merely experiences, ones that allow us to grow, learn and transcend- only if we choose to.


    Our Why

    Founder, Jessica Santonato, had a story to tell of forgiveness after her husband tried to kill her. He was a gang leader and as a life-long criminal, serving a couple of sentences over the years. Even though she left the marriage, she vowed to continue sharing her story publicly. People soon expressed their desires to tell their own stories as well. These weren't polished speakers but everyday men and women who had a powerful story to tell, yet lacked the courage or resources to do so. Responding to this need, Jessica launched Flip The Script on February 13th, 2019 in Vaughan, Canada as a grassroots community initiative to support raw, inspirational storytelling. It more than doubled in size within three weeks.


    As a giveback, Jessica believed it was time to have more platforms for men's self-expression, as much as she applauded women's empowerment. She wanted to support those overlooked and shunned by society, specifically male prisoners and ex-cons. "Some of the most brilliant minds I know are criminals. They've just applied their brilliance in a different way. I also believe that the brightest light resides in the darkest dark; these guys have much light to reveal for themselves and have a huge gift to give mass consciousness. I don't understand how we can treat prisoners like worthless animals and expect them to somehow come out reformed the day they walk out of prison."

    Our Mission

    Flip The Script has been established as a mainstay of prison reform and will have 1000 male ex-con and prisoner storytellers by 2021 who are making a positive social impact through their stories.

    Our Vision

    To transform the world by flipping one story at a time.

  • Our Core Values


    The foundation of everything. Without integrity, nothing works. This is about integrity with others and most importantly, with ourselves. It means doing things that are in alignment with our highest self. It means operating from love.


    When we feel good, everything falls into place with ease. It's the place that we manifest our desires quickly. Joy is inherently who we are and is one of the highest levels we can vibrate on.


    Our tribe is family. It's a place for us to belong, to get support, to hold each other accountable, to have safe space, to be heard and to be greeted with love.


    Our gift is next to our pain. After all of the dark times that we've been through, we are ready to give back to others and help make a positive impact in the world

  • Our Team

    Jessica Santonato


    Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Santonato is a TEDx Speaker and inspirational speaker. She is an award-winning author and in her latest memoir “Joy Is Your Only Job”, she shares her journey of living a criminal lifestyle, gang rape, attempted suicide and domestic violence before the age of 30, to her rise in conscious leadership and philanthropy by the age of 35. Recognized for her leadership abilities, she was one of three people chosen by an American personal development company to help more than a thousand entrepreneurs from across all continents with their communication and effectiveness.


    She has been featured in media such as Cosmopolitan Magazine and Rogers TV, various podcasts and has given talks at Humber College, Mississauga City Hall and at an event for international peace activist and conscious hip-hop artist, Emmanuel Jal.

    Known to have her ‘sweet girl’ side unapologetically drop the regular F-bomb, Jessica nourishes her soul with healthy home-cooked meals, traveling and making regular date nights with her second husband Michael, and family time with their three children, a non-negotiable.

    Angela Dacey

    Storytelling Coach

    Angela Dacey’s mission is to help you “Detox Your Thoughts™ and Live Life Colourfully™ both personally and professionally.

    After 20+ years, Angela’s background in retail, marketing and personal development has led her to be a sought after professional speaker, trainer, marketing consultant and life advisor. She has been interviewed around the world in all forms of media for her knowledge and insight.


    Honoured to have spoken and taught in many different industries such as healthcare, public schools, marketing research firms, holistic wellness and more, Angela's personal and professional experience has made her a fun, inspirational and knowledgable speaker and trainer.


    You can purchase her colourful product lines and understand more about your own personal development at www.livelifecolourfully.com  


  • Testimonials

    From the men we give back to.

    "Thank you for supplying inspiration, hope, and joy to our hearts!"

    -Dave B.

    "If I had to choose a single word to describe the Flip The Script workshop it would be "inspirational". I am a recovering addict. Coming from a life of crime, violence, abuse, and trauma it is both difficult and crucial to find people to look up to, that convey a message, and who can tell a story that relates to you. I've been in recovery for 8 months and the workshop evoked an emotional response in me that I have not felt in a very long time. I left feeling empowered with a new positive outlook on my future. Since the workshop, I have taken steps to become more involved in the community and develop my public speaking skills so I can share my story to help others avoid making the same mistakes I did. The world needs this workshop."

    -Derek P.

    "I'm inspired to continue being great and wanting to share my story so I can help others. I learned that the power is behind joy and we all deserve joy in life. Keep shining and be great!"

    Lexi E.

    "An honest and straightforward approach."

    -Ankur G.

    "I was a drug dealer in the past and this workshop inspired me to want to give back to the community instead of ruining and ripping apart neighborhoods. I hope one day I can use my knowledge of drugs and crimes to better teens and their lives so they don't have to go through the same stuff I did."

    -Dmitry V.

  • Get Involved

    4 ways


    Attend An Event

    Come listen to others share their stories and interact with the community, or share your own inspiring story from stage.


    All events are based in safety, respect and unity.


    Currently, events are every first Monday of the month at Pinot's Palette in Vaughan, Canada 7pm. Open to the public 18+.


    Start a Flip The Script Chapter In Your City

    Do you have a passion for storytelling that heals, inspires and transforms? We have a goal of being in 100 cities by 2025 and would love for you to help us create an impact in the world!


    Email us at jessicasantonato@gmail.com


    Financially Contribute or Become A Sponsor

    100% of donations go towards bringing Flip The Script events to male prisons and offender facilities. Funds cover government filing fees, accountant and book keeping, website maintenance, photographers and videographers, transportation, room rentals, and workbooks and journals .


    Also accepting in-kind donations.


    Donations accepted via EMT or PayPal jessicasantonato@gmail.com


    Come to Prison





    Get trained as one of our storytelling guides and help lead workshops. Starting June 2019.


    Email us to get on the notification list.